Specialized Division of the tunnel


Due to the country’s urgent need to develop infrastructure as well as the expansion of cities and industrial centers, tunnels and underground spaces for dam and powerhouse applications, intercity transportation and Suburban transport, water and sewage transfer, pipe jacking, Metro and parking stations are increasingly being studied, constructed or utilized. In the past, geological and economic factors have been obstacles to develop underground spaces, today, however, according the development of science and technology in geotechnical engineering, and more and better understanding with land conditions, as well as the development of technology and equipment cause the approach to the use of underground spaces to be increased. Based on the use of the studied tunnel, the geological conditions of its site and the specific conditions of the implementing that project, tunnels with different cross-sections from small to large sections are drilled with various techniques and methods.

Specialized division of the tunnel is one of the main Specialized branches of consulting engineers of the pars Geometry consultants. In addition to collaboration with other specialized sectors of the company and providing services in various projects, this specialized division also independently carries out certain tunnel projects.

The personnel of the tunnel division at consulting Engineering of pars Geometry Consultants include full-time experts and part-time high –level consultants. The excellent advisers of this division include some of the experts in the country depending on the needs of the projects for consulting.

Computer facilities and software

Due to the many analytical and designing activities and reporting in the tunnel division by the computer, various specialized software are required in this division. Some of these software are as follow